Video: Detroit Police Drive Straight Through A Swarm Of Rioters

Detroit Black Lives Matter Rioters Get Tossed From Police Vehicle Rioters in Detroit attempted to surround and impede a police officer who had his...

Video: Rioters Attempt To Assault Rand Paul, Throw Police Officer Who Intervenes To The...

Rioters Surrounded Senator Rand Paul Then Threw A Police Officer Who Intervened To The Ground Following The Closing Of The Republican National Convention

Trump Says He’s Been Taking Hydoxychloroquine For “A Week And A Half”

At a White House event today the president announced that he has been prescribed hydroxychloroquine and also a Z-pack regimen

Watch: Portland Police Association Just Set On Fire By Antifa Arsonists

The Portland Police Association Has Been Set On Fire After Being Targeted By Antifa/BLM Arsonists The Portland Police Association, the union...

Ben Carson’s name to be stripped from Detroit school building

In a move that any rational person will identify as politically motivated, the Detroit school board voted Tuesday to remove the Housing and Urban Development secretary's name...

Video: Bar Owner Charged With Terrorism For Using Deadly Force To Defend His Life...

Jake Gardner, 38, Face Charges For Manslaughter, Use Of A Firearm In Commission Of A Felony, Attempted First-Degree Assault, And Making Terrorist Threats

VIDEO: Iranian protesters detonate bomb at Tehran’s state-run conglomerate

UPDATE: It appears that MEK has taken responsibility for this attack. We will update the story shortly. Update 2: At present...

DOJ Directly Funding A Pro-Gun Control “Police” Think Tank

A Washington Think Tank is attacking your Second Amendment rights and seriously endangering the lives of police officers in your community at the same time.

Democrat Congressional Candidate Jailed For Refusing To Forfeit Firearms

Brooke Siskin, A Democrat Candidate For Georgia's 9th Congressional District, Has Been Jailed For Failing To Abide By A Court Order To Turn Over Her Firearms
Garrett Foster Austin Shooting Victim

Killed Armed Protester: “[Conservatives Are] Too Big of P*ssies to Actually Do Anything”

The Protester Who Stopped A Vehicle And Approached It With A Rifle Before Being Killed Had Some Revealing Last Words About His Combative State Of Mind