Well, election tensions are quite high these days and as we wait for more conclusive information on lawsuits from the Trump campaign and counts from states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada to trickle in, we thought this story might relieve some stress.

This one is coming to you from the New York Post:

The Michigan attorney general pleaded with residents of the state to stop telling her staff to shove Sharpies up their butts on Thursday.

Attorney General Dana Nessel made the plea in a tweet Thursday after a state judge tossed a lawsuit by the Trump campaign that sought to suspend ballot counting in the state.

“Dear members of the public: Please stop making harassing & threatening calls to my staff,” Nessel wrote.

“They are kind, hardworking public servants just doing their job. Asking them to shove sharpies in uncomfortable places is never appropriate & is a sad commentary on the state of our nation,” she added.