Update 2: Great news! Ron Paul has posted the following statement from his Twitter account:

Update: While there is no new information at this time, Fox News does confirm that Ron Paul has been admitted to a hospital in Texas for “precautionary” reasons, very likely related to the video below.

We’re going to keep this brief since little information is known at this time, but one of the greatest political minds and champions of liberty has seemed to have suffered a medical emergency while on a livestream. Former congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, appears to have suffered a stroke during a live interview. The video has just emerged on social media (below).

His speeches and approach to politics brought many of the disenfranchised back into the political fold, and Nationalist Review couldn’t possibly count the number of people we’ve spoken to who have mentioned how Ron Paul reinvested them in politics. Once again, we ask you to pray for Ron Paul and the Paul family as a whole.

We will update this story if new information arrives.