Man Responsible For Race Riot Outside Hospital Where Ambushed Deputies Underwent Surgery Has A New Bloodthirsty Message For America’s Law Enforcement Officers

Late Saturday evening, Nationalist Review reported on the mob that formed outside the St. Francis Medical Center in Los Angeles where two deputies suffering from multiple gunshot wounds were undergoing emergency surgery. The two victims were ambushed by a black gunman who currently remains at large.

Rioters led by Kevin Wharton Price, a black pan-African separatist, went to the hospital to make clear that they were happy that the gunmen had targeted police. “We hope they die,” the rioters chanted alongside other messages hoping that more bloodshed befalls other law enforcement officers.

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A $100,000 reward has been posted for anyone who has information that leads to the arrest of the perpetrator, but Price, the leader of the riot, took to Facebook live to make clear that he thinks the shooter is a hero and that more cops deserve the same fate.

“When Your Blood Spills Out Into The Street…We’re Going To Celebrate”

Price Is Praying For More Cops To Be Shot:

“Sheriffs’ Lives Don’t Mean Nothing…”

Price made clear that he does not care for the lives of the victims, nor their families. The female deputy who was shot is the mother of a 6-year-old boy, the male’s parents are holding vigil for him. The two are out of surgery and expected to live after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. Both deputies suffered at least one shot to the head.

“We went out there to deliver a message to this gang-banging sheriff’s department that we’re not going to shed a tear because two of your gang-banging sheriffs got shot in the head. We not going to shed no tear. Matter of fact, I said what I said…I did not bite my tongue.”

“You know what? Those gang-banging sheriffs’ lives don’t mean nothing to me. Nothing.”

Wharton Also Had A Message For Anonymous 4Chan Posters: “Come See Me”

He also believes 4Chan is “off the hook.”