Rioters Harass And Threaten Independent Journalists In Pennsylvania

The riots in Lancaster, Pennsylvania have grown increasingly tense throughout the night. Earlier this evening, Nationalist Review reported that two Black Lives Matter leaders demanded that parents with children present go home indicating that the gathering was going to be turning intentionally violent. Now, she’s been caught on tape leading a mob to harass and chase off an independent journalist. We’ve provided a clear picture of her face and a video of the incident below.

“If you don’t want no f***ing Trouble, get the f***ing camera out of here…”

A black male patrolling the area issued demands to all riot attendees. “Keep it on lock and turn that s*** off,”he said, using his preferred street slang about keeping the situation under the control of the rioters by limiting the amount of evidence they document about their misdeeds. Only approved journalists are allowed to film without being harassed. One of them can be seen snapping pictures in the video below.

While on his censorship patrol, he passes an independent journalist who is filming the mob. “You live bro?” the riot leader asks.

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The Black Lives Matter enforcer turns his megaphone back on so that everyone in the crowd can hear. “Turn that s*** off. They’re monitoring your phone, turn that s*** off.” The excuse is weak, plenty of people can be seen on their phones in the background. It’s not about monitoring cellphone communications, the rioters want to avoid having their crimes recorded.

“I’m documenting,” the journalist responds. “Mind your business, man. I’m not filming you.”

“It doesn’t matter. We don’t want them knowing our f***ing movements and monitoring your f***ing Facebook, bro.”

“I don’t want any trouble, man.”

At this point the riot enforcer grows irate: “if you don’t want no f***ing trouble get the f***ing camera out of here.”

The more aggressive change in tone startles the filmmaker. “Will somebody help me please? This guy is coming after me.” No one moves to intervene as the man grows increasingly desperate for support. Eventually, another Black Lives Matter organizer calls the dog off, but the respite is temporary.

Woman Who Seems To Be Leader Of The Riot

Soon, a woman who seems to be the highest ranking rioter, approached. Earlier that evening she had ordered all parents with children and underage attendees to vacate the area. The implication was clear: things were going to grow violent and that violence was the premeditated plan.

She and her cronies—about 6 or 7 men—surround the man and continue to chase him from the area. Then she demands that he “take a walk” with her and shut off his camera. It’s unclear what happened next. The journalist, probably fearing for his safety, complied.