Earlier this evening, Nationalist Review reported that two LA County Sheriff deputies were shot in an attempted street execution. The would-be murder remains at large while the two deputies, one male and one female, remain in critical condition after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

Update: The leader of this mob, Kevin Wharton Price, has released a statement for law enforcement —– “When Your Blood Spills We’re Going To Celebrate.”

Taking advantage of this tragic situation, Black Lives Matter terrorists tracked down the hospital where the two deputies were taken and began an impromptu riot, blocking entrances and chanting “we hope they die.”

Other rioters called for more bloodshed, highlighting the increasing divide between civilized America and the unforgivable barbarism of Black Lives Matter as a movement and as a group. “There’s going to be a retaliation on these motherf***ers.”

Black Lives Matter Arrives:

“We’re going to check on these murderers [referring to the deputies] and see what’s up.”

“I Hope They F***ing Die” – Black Lives Matter

Rioters formed saying things like “y’all gonna die one by one” and “I hope they f***ing die.”

LA County Sheriffs Begs Rioters To Stop Blocking Emergency Room Entrances:

The Video Of The Shooting:

“We Can’t Be The Only Ones Dying Out Here…This Is A Celebration” – Black Lives Matter LA:

Two Of The Rioters Were Dumb Enough To Show Their Faces: