Rochester Black Lives Matter Has Been Violently Rioting For Four Straight Days And Now They Want White People To Act As Meatshields…

Not to be outdone by Portland Black Lives Matter’s 100 days of violence and terror, Rochester BLM is now escalating the situation on the streets of the historic city that birthed Kodak Film.

Tonight, rioters marched on Rochester City Hall before pouring out into the streets to wreak havoc in an otherwise quiet city. Their marching orders were clear: white bodies should be used to shield those with a darker complexion in an implicitly hypocritical acknowledgement of fragility just marginally less amusing than the pregnant mothers who shielded the rioters in Portland.

Speaking over a megaphone, one Black Lives Matter leader demanded the following: “If you white and you got a shield, you need to be making the perimeter. From whatever this street is to whatever that street is. If you are black, stay in the middle!”

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Then a woman off screen shouts “white shields!” calling the useful idiots to rally around her.

Not long after, they received their marching orders and entered formation, the rioting began and the rubber bullets started flying…

Rioters (presumably white, judging from the preceding orders) formed an umbrella shield wall and began lobbing bottles, rocks, and other objects at officers attempting to break up the illegal demonstration.

Last night, Rochester Black Lives Matter climbed on private residences, banged on windows and terrorized homeowners:

They stormed into restaurants, overturned tables, and smashed dinnerware: