Video: Late Last Night, A Quiet Seattle Neighborhood Was Disturbed By A Black Lives Matter Mob That Demanded All White Residents Transfer All Their Property To Black People

The mob stopped outside of a random residence where white people were enjoying an evening with their friends and immediately began harassing the homeowner, demanding that they forfeit their property to black people. Sexual comments were launched, demands for wallets to be opened were made, and an otherwise peaceful night was ruined for a group of civilized people who the rioters had no reason to target.

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“Do you know that you are living in a historically black neighborhood right now? Do you know that? Do you know that before that your white a** get here, this was all black people? Do you know that? Do you know that people like you came in here and basically bought all the land from black people for less than it was worth, kicked them out, so that you could live here? Do you know that? Because if you don’t, now you f***ing do. Now do something about it.”

“Open Your Wallets…Give Us Your House…”

“Open your wallets,” a woman on a megaphone says.

“What the f*** are you gonna do? You live in a historically black neighborhood, you live in a gentrified neighborhood. You’re part of that gentrification. So how are you gonna fix it? What are you gonna do to fix it? Because you’re part of that gentrification, that racism. So how are you gonna fix it? What are you gonna do to fix it? You are living on black people land right now. Black people lived here, too.

Then the man finished with a crass sexual comment about what the homeowner’s mother. “Nothing? A stone cold nothing, huh? See, that’s why your mom should have swallowed.”

Then the woman with the megaphone takes over again: “Give us your house, give black people back their homes. You’re sitting their comfortably, comfortable as f***…but I used to live in this neighborhood. I grew up here and my family was pushed out! And you’re sitting up there with your other white friends!”