A flash mob descended on high end retailers around midnight in Chicago. Hundreds of stores were looted, with at least 1,000 participants engaging in the thievery. Cops were assaulted, innocent bystanders were robbed, cars were held at gunpoint and, since this is Chicago, multiple people were shot.

We’ve packed a lot of videos into this post and will continue updating it throughout the day.

One man didn’t make off like the bandit he had hoped to become, crying on Facebook Live about how his leg was broken by a swift baton strike from a law enforcement officer:

Of Course There Were Gunshots:

Others Took Their Kids To Loot:

Some Tried To Run Over The Police:

Others Were Satisfied Throwing Things At Them:

Some Folks Were So Dumb That They Broadcast Their Own Crimes:

And Others Still Attempted To Break Into ATMs While Doing It:

There Were Attempts To Drive Cars Through Store Security Baricades:

The Onlookers Cheered Them On:

And Many Made Off Like Bandits: