“All Gas No Breaks” The ‘On The Road’ Interview Show Hosted By Andrew Callaghan Captured Some Interesting Soundbites From Rioters Destroying The City Of Portland

YouTube documentary producer Andrew Callaghan of “All Gas No Breaks” interviewed antifa members on the ground in Portland during the still ongoing riots. What they had to say might surprise you. They hate conservatives. They hate liberals. They hate Democrats. They hate Republicans.

Joe Biden “Has An Affinity For F***ing Children” Says Antifa Member

Some also believe that Joe Biden is a child molester. “[He] has an affinity for f***ing children,” a black-clad rioter says.

This last detail appears in the clip at around the 6:42 mark, but the entire video is worth watching.

Oh, and they’re not planning to vote for Trump or Biden…They’re voting for “anarchy.” Take a look: