Jessica Doty Whitaker Was Slain By Vicious Black Lives Matter Thugs Who Ambushed Her After She Said “All Lives Matter”…Now The City Is Painting A Street Mural To Honor Black Lives Matter Just A Block From Where She Was Shot

A young white mother was murdered by Black Lives Matter and now the city of Indianapolis is setting up a mural to honor the group her killers belonged to. The mural (really it is little more than government-sanctioned vandalism), runs on a stretch of Indiana Avenue between Blackford Street and West Street about a block from the canal where Jessica Doty Whitaker was murdered for saying “All Lives Matter” to a group of violent black supporters of the rioting movement plaguing America’s streets.

Nationalist Review has provided a map of the precise location of the mural below as well as background information on the murder of Jessica Doty Whitaker.

The organizer responsible for the street vandalism, Alan Bacon, says that he hopes the message inspires “unity.” Members from the Black Lives Matter organization spent weeks harassing the surviving family members of Whitaker, mocking her death and championing the shooters.

Local news has refused to cover this story completely so National Review will.

Background On Whitaker’s Murder:

Jessica Doty Whitaker was murdered by Black Lives Matter supporters in early July. She had been living in Indianapolis for just four short months and was enjoying a rare night alone with her fiance while relatives babysat for her young child. At the end of the evening, she and her fiance were walking back for the night when they walked by a group of Black Lives Matter thugs. The thugs shouted “Black Lives Matter” in Whitaker’s direction, and she replied “All Lives Matter”.

Then an argument broke out, guns were drawn, and eventually things seemed to deescalate. Both sides went there separate ways…or so Whitaker thought. Unfortunately the night went a tragic direction instead. Her killers set up an ambush on the bridge that overpasses the canal she and her fiance were walking along, and the thugs shot her through the head.