What Appears To Be A Modified Firework Jury Rigged For Maximum Firepower Was Detonated Outside The Federal Courthouse

Tonight’s riot marks the 61st day of violence in the city of Portland and the intensity of both rioters and law enforcement officers has escalated. Just now Nationalist Review has received reports of a sizable explosive device being thrown at the door of the federal courthouse. We will update this article as more information is made available.

Update: We’ve added a third angle of the explosion. No injuries are reported at this time and all officers appear to have been inside the building when the blast went off outside the doors.

Update 2: Portland Police and Federal Officers are clearing the riot out from the front of the federal courthouse following the large blast (video below)

We Currently Have Three Angles Of The Explosion And Are Searching For More:

Police are now clearing the rioters away from the federal courthouse: