One Suspect In Custody, No Victims Identified In Latest Shooting During Portland’s 60th Night Of Riots

Update: We’ve included testimony from a protester who claims he saw the incident, we’ve added it to the rumor mill section at the bottom of this piece.

Update 2: We’ve updated this story with a second eye-witness who claims a gang of teens stole the gun from the man they were assaulting.

A shooting incident occurred at a park in Portland this evening. One suspect is in custody but there have not been any victims identified at this time. It appears that the incident occurred after a group of teens began picking fights with people at the park. A woman can be heard shouting “put the gun down” shortly before the shots are fired:

Statement from a credible witness:

“Next thing I know, some kids—they’ve been trying to start fights all day long. They were going after some black guy and I have no idea why.”

The witness goes on to explain that a white man attempted to intervene and that he was attacked by the gang, beaten up, and his gun taken from him. The witness claims that the gun discharged during a struggle for the weapon.

Portland Police Issued A Statement:

Portland Police have issued the following statement: “Portland Police are investigating the report of a shot fired near SW 4/SW Salmon. One person is in custody. At this time Police have not located a victim. This investigation is ongoing. Avoid this area.”

Rumor Mill Claims That Teenagers On Scene Had Beaten A Man And Stole A Gun When The Incident Occurred:

There is some discrepancy over whether the man they attacked was the shooter or whether they stole the gun and used it in the shooting. Here’s both versions of the story:

Update: We’ve added testimony from an eye witness who claims the man with the gun was the aggressor and that one of the victims managed to take the gun.