Governor Tim Walz (D) Is Attempting To Claim White Supremacists Were The Perpetrators Behind The Brutally Violent Riots In Minneapolis

At a press conference late Friday evening, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz was asked whether “white supremacists were causing destruction in the city.” The governor’s answer was basically straight out of an article from The Onion or a sketch from Dave Chappelle. He wants you to believe that everyone besides Black Lives Matter is to blame for the destruction of Minneapolis. It’s truly a remarkable clip.

It goes without saying that white supremacists don’t exactly go unnoticed at a Black Lives Matter riot. Anyways, watch the clown do his dance in the video below.

Here’s a brief transcript of his response:

“Yeah, they’re unconfirmed reports and we’re trying to get that intel from all the different agencies and this of course is where the federal government helps with some of this. I certainly can’t confirm personally on this, my suspicions from what I’ve seen on this [led me to believe] yes. It gets worse than that. The cartels who are wondering if there is a break in their drug transmissions are trying to take advantage of the chaos that’s there, too. That’s why this situation is on a federal level. You’re seeing it highly coordinated across the country so that will happen. And I think this is the conversation we’re having with the president, that we’re having here…It is a highly volatile situation. And these folks, who want to do this, blend in…Elements are certainly gathering, and they are professionals.”

The governor then handed the microphone over to Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington who said the following:

“We’ve got intel reports that have been confirmed, but I cannot say that we have confirmed observations from local law enforcement to say that we’ve seen cells of white supremacists in the area. We’ve gotten reports of that over the last couple of days that we were tracking in terms of threats to the critical infrastructure and to the National Guard and others. But I don’t have confirmed reports that I can give you at this point. From some national sources, we’ve also gotten some reports on drug cartels.”

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