Lindsey Graham, a Salem, Oregon salon owner, was fined by OSHA for opening early. Then the government sent Child Protective Services to her home.

Defying Oregon’s stay-at-home order, Graham opened her salon doors to customers in early May, and was swiftly fined $14,000 by the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. On the 7th of May, Graham headed out for work and while she was gone her nanny was contacted by Child Protective Services.

Breitbart Reports:

“On May 7th, I got a phone call from my nanny,” said Graham. “As soon as I went to work, a DHS officer came to my home and tried to speak to her, and she said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable answering any questions for you. I think you need to call the homeowner.’ So DHS basically stopped by my house and said they had some claims against me and my family about our home being unfit.”

The same CPS agent returned to Graham’s home the following Monday, and he separated Graham and her husband from their six-year-old son in order to privately interview the child. Graham is also the mother of a three-year-old girl and an eight-week-old son.

Graham stated, “[The CPS agent] came back to my home, and my intention was, ‘Great, let this guy in and let him see what a great, loving, clean, and happy home we have, so he’ll just kind of get out of here.’ … He interviewed myself and my husband in separate rooms. He interviewed my six-year-old son in a separate room, and he searched our home. He made me lift up toilet seats and open our fridge. None of this is warranted. These are all bogus claims. Our home is completely safe and always has been, so this is definitely some kind of vendetta, sending a government agency after my family.”

Fox 12, the local Fox affiliate in Oregon, reached out to the state’s Department of Human Services for comment on the visit from CPS. They’re denying any relation between Graham violating the stay at home order and the subsequent visit from CPS:

“Due to confidentiality laws, we cannot comment on whether or not there is an open CPS assessment against any individual. I want to stress however, that not following Governor Brown’s Stay Home, Save Lives executive order or not following physical distancing guidelines would never be a reason to assign a CPS assessment.”

It’s not like the government ever lies, right?

Share what you think: Comment below and tell us if you believe this was a politically motivated incident.

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8 days ago

Anybody who doesn’t see the connection is part of this conspiracy.

sean kane
sean kane
8 days ago

Govt liars

7 days ago

If they did not have a warrant, she should never have let them in the house. Even then the search they conducted may have been illegal under Oregon state law.