We always hear the same old tune from liberals whenever a tragic incident of gun violence occurs. “Where was the so-called good guy with a gun?!” they screech into the social media abyss.

Well, despite there being hundreds of cases of defensive gun use happening all across the country, coverage of these heroic deeds is somewhat sparse. Here’s a story of a man that took action when there was no one else willing to help.

Williams had grabbed the woman…and strangled her until she lost consciousness

Benjamin Seadorf was at home with his four children Saturday when from outside his home came what he described as “blood-curdling screams.”

A silver sedan was stopped at a traffic light and from inside the woman was begging for her life to anyone around that would listen. No one did anything.

“Help me! Help me! Somebody, please help me!” she screamed again and again. That’s when Seadorf took action at first fearing that a rape or kidnapping attempt was taking place.

The assailant, Alarick Williams

In reality, Alarick Williams was brutally beating the mother of his three children in a violent domestic assault. Williams had grabbed the woman, who has not been named, attempted to shove her unwillingly into the vehicle, and strangled her until she lost consciousness.

That’s when Seadorf stepped in. Security video from the scene briefly shows the good samaritan wielding his 9mm handgun and approaching the intersection where the assault was taking place.


Seadorf drew down on Williams and cautiously approached him from behind before telling him to get out of the vehicle and get down on the ground. Thankfully, Williams complied.

“He put the car in park, and I knew he was going to start to comply, and I wouldn’t have to go any further,” Seadorf said.

Williams was arrested by responding officers a short time later and now faces two counts of domestic assault.

But Seadorf isn’t happy. He was shocked that no one else attempted to help the struggling woman.

“Society doesn’t want to get involved now days, and it’s sad,” he said. “We need to help each other more.”

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